Green Therapeutic Massage

820 W. Ingomar Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15237




NOTICE: Pittsburgh Shop Closing

The Pittsburgh shop closes October 24th, 2014.

The online store is no longer available for PA.

Starting July 1, 2014 all prices have changed.

The online scheduler will be discontinued August 1, 2014.

All Living Social and Groupon vouchers have expired are only worth the price they were paid for.

All vouchers and gift certificates must be used by October 24th, 2014 or they become void.

If you would like a refund you must discuss this with the company you bought the voucher from.






Text Box: Hours
Monday		9:00 AM     – 	5:00 PM
Tuesday		9:00 AM     – 	5:00 PM
Wednesday		Closed
Thursday		9:00 AM     – 	5:00 PM
Friday			12:30 PM   – 	8:30 PM
Saturday		2:30 PM     – 	8:30 PM
Sunday		Closed



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