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The Green Therapeutic Difference.

      Trying a new therapist may be scary because you don’t want to waste your time and hard earned money on a bad massage.  At Green Therapeutic you are in control at all times. You are allowed to fully customize your massage to your individual needs (use the “About” tab above for details).

     The owner, Rob Green LMBT, is an highly educated professional with over 10 years of practice in medical therapeutic techniques commonly used by physical therapists and osteopathic doctors. His technique is very detailed making his therapy unique. Many travel from all over the country to get a massage from him. His technique is a perfect blend of therapy and relaxation. (Use the "Staff" tab above to learn more)

Green Therapeutic standard of therapy is to provide a holistic approact to therapy. Many therapists are not trained to work on the entire body and some have the unprofessional view that the human body is shameful and full body work would be immodest. Would you go to a doctor who refused to examine and treat you because he thought that the human body was shameful? Why would you go to a massage therapist who feels that way?

     The full body therapy provided at
Green Therapeutic is not sexual, it is the standard for true therapy. Full body therapy is within the legal scope of practice for massage & bodywork in North Carolina (use the “Downloads” tab above to see the NC laws or to read one of our informative brochures).

     Experience the
Green Therapeutic difference for yourself.
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