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     What's the difference between a back rub and massage therapy? A back rub can be done by anyone and doesn't take a lot of skill. Massage therapy is the skilled manipulation of soft tissue to correct problems. As the name implies, truly therapeutic massage should be for correcting problems.

     Sadly, truly therapeutic massage isn't commonly practiced. Popular massage chains drastically limit the therapy that they provide because they are more concerned about making money than actual therapy. Even many chiropractors do not fully utilize massage therapy because it distracts from their business. Many therapists have fallen into the trap of working for a business that limits massage to a back rub, so most people have never  really experienced a truly therapeutic massage.

     The N.C. standard for massage therapy includes work on the entire body. This is because everything, inside and out, is all connected. However very few therapist actually offer full body therapy. This is usually because of insufficient training. Most massage schools only teach a basic massage class which doesn't include the entire body. Because they are uncomfortable with the human body, many therapist avoid areas they were trained to work on, such as chest, abdomen and buttocks.  Why would you choose to go to a therapist who gives a back rub when you can get a truly therapeutic massage from
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Proudly Offering True Therapeutic Massage.

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