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      Have you ever gotten a massage and the therapist treated you like a burden? Have you had a hard time finding a therapist who is willing to adjust to your personal wants and needs? Have you ever had a therapist who gives you a bad vibe? Have you ever left a massage feeling like you had just wasted your time and hard earned money? If you have experienced any of this before than you know that trying a new therapist may be scary. However at Green Therapeutic you will not experience any of that.

      At Green Therapeutic you are in control at all times. You are allowed to fully customize your massage to your own comfort level (for more information about the custom treatment plan click the “About” tab above). The owner, Rob Green LMBT, is an experienced professional with over 10 years of practice and extensive training in advanced therapeutic techniques commonly used by physical therapists and osteopathic doctors (For more information ab out Rob Green use the drop down option “Staff” under “About”). His technique is like no other, being very detailed in his work. Many travel from all over the country to get a massage from him, including professional musicians, athletes and actors. His technique is a perfect blend of therapy and relaxation.

     Rob Green was trained to perform medical therapy, not the standard Swedish massage. Medical therapy consists of taking the entire body into consideration. Instead of treating symptoms, he finds the origin of the problem and corrects it. He also provides information after your massage to help you further correct any major issues. His goal is to improve your overall health not just temporary stress relief, even though this is a major benefit.

     As a medical massage therapist Rob Green views the entire body as important. Many therapist are not trained to work on the entire body and some take the unprofessional view that the human body is shameful or even bad. Would you go to a doctor who refused to examine and treat you because he thought that the human body was shameful? Why would you go to a massage therapist who feels that way?

     You have probably never had a true full body massage, but true therapy takes the entire body into consideration. Full body massage should be the standard for everyone, because the entire body is all interconnected. The full body massage therapy provided at Green Therapeutic is not sexual, it is within the scope of practice for massage in North Carolina (to see the NC laws for massage, or to read one of our brochures, use the drop down option “More Information” under the “About” tab). You are invited to try your first massage at the discounted membership rate of $50 per hour instead of the full price of $80.

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